A Perfect Egg Sandwich

DSCN4304One of the best bits of Christmas (or the holidays, as your preference may be), is having family and friends around in leisure.  I mean, nothing is open on Christmas Day, and the morning after Christmas is usually characterized by laziness and sleeping in.  We don’t do breakfast often in Lolita’s house, but when we do there is nothing like a perfect egg sandwich to make the day break better than most.  I owe this recipe to one of my oldest friends, T.C., with whom I’ve lost contact since Bloomingdale Senior High, despite our mutual sentencing to a 3-day suspension for a slam-book in 9th grade.  Before that inauspicious day, I spent the night at T’s house, and she prepared for me an egg sandwich the likes of which I strive to emulate each time I slap skillet to flame (or eye, as the case may be).  I remember her showing me how to brown the butter; how the fry the egg just so’s the edges brown before flipping; how to let the cheese melt until it bubbled into greasy crisps at the egg’s outer rim.  I think of that morning as my first cooking lesson; and although I’ve tweaked the recipe somewhat in the last 30 years, here I pass the basics on to you.


A Perfect Egg Sandwich

1 egg
2 slices white/wheat sandwich bread
1 tbs  butter
3 oz cheddar cheese
2 tbs mayo
sea salt, cracked black pepper

DSCN4294Using a cheese shaver or mandoline, slice the cheddar cheese into wafer/paper thin slices.

DSCN4295Melt your tablespoon of butter over high heat inside an egg ring until foaming, about 2 minutes.

DSCN4296Crack your egg into the ring; fry for 2 minutes, or until the white just barely sets, and the edges start to brown and bubble.

DSCN4297Season with salt and pepper; remove the egg ring.

DSCN4298Using a spatula, or a flick of the wrist, flip the egg.

DSCN4299Layer the thin slices of cheese immediately over the egg; lower the heat to medium low and cook until the edges of cheese are just melted.  (It will continue to melt when layered onto the bread.)

DSCN4300Toast the bread in the oven or toaster until lightly browned.  Slather both slices with mayo; sprinkle with salt and pepper; transfer the egg/cheese patty to the toast.  Slice from corner to corner.

DSCN4302Crispy crunchy toast, gooey cheese, runny yolks, innocent whites, and tangy dressing: the ideal blend of flavors for the perfect breakfast sandwich.  4 basic ingredients, plus a little salt and pepper — heaven’s golden white morning lovefest.  Thanks, T.C., for the lifelong inspiration.  Lolita owes you.